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Automatic Steamed Stuffed Bun Making Machine Xiao Long Tang Bao Machine

Short Description:

Automatic Dim Sum Siomay Siomai Shumai Making Machine , producing Shumai, Shaomai, Siomai, Philippines Siomai, Sui Mai, Pork siomai, shrimp siomai, Dim Sum Wonton,Glutinous Rice Shumai machine , Seaweed Siomai machine , etc.

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    FX-910 Multifunctional xiaolong soup dumpling machine can compete with hand-made ones. It has not only pleasing appearance, but also juicy taste, thin skin, plenty filling, as well as soft and springy texture.  Multifunctional xiaolong soup dumpling machine boasts efficient motors controlled by an inverter so that the speed is adjustable according to productive demand. Parts of both machines are made of food grade stainless steel, plastic and surface treatment of aluminium alloy to comply with food hygiene regulations. Disassembly for cleaning and maintenance is fast and convenient. Either large-scale factory or small restaurant can be satisfied with our offer. The special Forming Machine is able to form xiao long bao with 6, 9 or 12 fold marks, which resembles more to handmade products.

    Steps to Make food:
    1、Put in dough
    2、Put in filling

    Machine  Specification:

    Mechanical model:FX-910

    Product weight:5-100g

    Production speed:4000-20000pcs/h

    Machine dimensions:1130*680*1600mm

    Mechanical weight:460kg

    Machine power:3000w

    General Electric:220v/380V

    Detailed Images

    This machine is suitable for making a wide range of delicious tonic stuffing products  such as steamed stuffed buns ,tangbao, jiaobao, xiao long bao, etc.




    1.A multi-purpose machine, a variety of products can be made by replacing molds.

    2. Stainless steel machine fuselage, easy to clean, simple to maintain.

    3.Using computer board control and inverter stepless speed regulation.

    4.Independent control for filling, wrapper making and molding. Different parts can be adjusted separately.

    5. Equipped with ice water cooling circulation compressor , which can cool the dough ,preventing it from taste bad due to heat.

    6.PLC touch control panel, easy to operate.

    7.Easy to Adjust Parameters 

    8.The weight of products and ratio of wrapper to filling are easy to adjust.

    9.Quick-Change mold
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    After-sale Service

    1. Free assembling and installation, free operation and training.

    2..12months quality warranty since the date of installation. Whole life service.

    3.During warranty, all maintenance and damaged spare parts for free. After warranty, all charges with cost price.

    4.Support 24hours hot line service, as well as email and video communcation.

    5.Engineering is always for customers' machine adjustment and maintenance if required.

    Factoty Feature:

    1. over 16 years’ design and industry experience.
    2. Over 90% of our machine are exported.
    3. More than 10 years’ experience in food machine.

    Factory Picture:

    800 600    800 600 1    800 600 3

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