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Introduction to fx-900s dumpling machine

Introduction to fx-900s dumpling machine

Dumpling is a traditional staple food in China, which is developed and produced by ourselves. The natural dumpling machine is also produced by ourselves in China. At present, China is not what it used to be. Whether in production or R & D, we are developing rapidly. Domestic products are no worse than foreign products, with low cost and guaranteed quality, which can be accepted by domestic people.

Fx-900s small dumpling machine has beautiful appearance, good three-dimensional feeling and better taste than manual dumplings. One machine is multi-purpose. As long as the mold is replaced, pastry foods of different shapes and specifications can be manufactured. The fuselage is light, occupies less land and is easy to move. The main parts are made of high-quality stainless steel, with beautiful appearance, in line with the national food hygiene standards. The conveying surface and forming parts adopt special anti bonding technology, with small resistance, good forming, and convenient maintenance, disassembly and cleaning. It is suitable for making dumplings with meat stuffing, mixed meat and vegetable stuffing, whole vegetable stuffing and other kinds of stuffing. Applicable to various working environments. The working efficiency of the dumpling machine is very high, which is equivalent to the speed of 8 to 12 workers making dumplings by hand at the same time.

Fx-900s small dumpling machine:

1. – the machine is multi-purpose. It can produce many kinds of products as long as the mold is replaced.

2. The body is made of stainless steel, which is clean, easy to clean and easy to maintain.

3. Computer board control and stepless speed regulation of frequency converter.

4. Stuffing, peeling and molding are controlled independently without mutual restraint, and the amount of stuffing can be adjusted separately.

5. The machine is equipped with four independent controllers and ice water cooling circulating compressor, which can cool the dough, so that the dough will not taste bad due to heating.

6. If the existing dumpling machine only needs to be purchased (small cage dumpling clamp seat), it can produce small cage dumplings or pies.

Machine dumpling making: the fx-900s dumpling machine is easy to operate when in use. One person can control the machine. It is difficult not to improve the output of dumplings, and there will be no fatigue after long-term use, which will not affect the working efficiency of the full-automatic dumpling machine and the output of dumplings.

Hand made dumplings: time-consuming, labor-consuming, different sizes, slow speed, high cost and low efficiency;

Ordinary dumpling machine: the design is backward and does not meet the requirements of the modern market. The main manifestations are: the dumplings are thick in skin, small in filling and not beautiful in appearance; The forming system is not subject to anti bonding treatment, the dumplings are easy to adhere and damage, and the finished products are not high; The temperature of the noodle jar is too high, the dough is gelatinized and the taste is poor.

Multifunctional dumpling machine: the machine adopts the molding characteristics of simulating the pressing and wrapping of manual dumplings, and the principle of double control and two-way quantitative feeding.

Post time: Sep-10-2021
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