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Tabletop Small Electric Japanese Gyoza Dumpling Machine Semi automatic Chinese Gyoza Dumpling Making Machine Gyoza Maker Machine

Short Description:

Automatic Dim Sum Siomay Siomai Shumai Making Machine , producing Shumai, Shaomai, Siomai, Philippines Siomai, Sui Mai, Pork siomai, shrimp siomai, Dim Sum Wonton,Glutinous Rice Shumai machine , Seaweed Siomai machine , etc.

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    Product Description:

    It adopts echnologically advanced wrapping type design.

    With the scientific feeding device, any meat, glutinous and vegetable fillings can be packaged, which fundamentally changes the shortcomings of the influence of the heating of fillings during the feeding process of the traditional auger type dumpling machine.

    Changed different molds can produce :samosa,spring roll,wonton,ravioli,pelmeni, pierogi,pot sticker,lace dumplings etc.If make
    other shapes,just change the molds head,one machine can make many shapes!
    Supply best service of customized Shape and Size!

    Mechanical specifications:

    Mechanical model:FX-900T

    Product weight:15-30g

    Production speed:1500/h

    Machine dimensions:350*370*700mm

    Mechanical weight:45kg

    Machine power:90w

    General Electric:220 v/ 110v

    Application :

    Gyoza Machine is designed to produce dumplings, pan fried gyoza, steamed gyoza, and Japanese pot stickers.It is suitable for hotels, restaurants, school canteen, factory canteen, kindergartens, quick-frozen dumplings manufacturers, dining hall and so on.

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    1. With the scientific feeding device, any meat and vegetable filling can be wrapped, which fundamentally changes the defect that the filling heating affects the taste in the feeding process of the traditional Jiaolong dumpling machine.

    2. With special mold structure and artificial wrapping technology, it can not only wrap very soft and thin dough, but also wrap rice flour and dumpling skin made of other materials.

    3. The appearance is small and exquisite. No matter where it is operated, it shows grade and is hygienic.

    4. By changing the mold, it can wrap 17-30g dumplings, which has a taste comparable to that of manual dumplings.

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    Ater-sale Service:

    1. Free assembling and installation, free operation and training.
    2. 12months quality warranty since the date of installation. Whole life service.
    3.During warranty, all maintenance and damaged spare parts for free. After warranty, all charges with cost price.
    4. Support 24hours hot line service, as well as email and video communcation.
    5. Engineering is always for customers’ machine adjustment and maintenance if required.

    Factoty Feature:

    1.over 16 years’ design and industry experience.

    2.Over 90% of our machine are exported.

    3.More than 16 years’ experience in food machine.

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