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Automatic Triple Line Siomay/Siomai/Shumai Making Machine

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Automatic Dim Sum Siomay Siomai Shumai Making Machine , producing Shumai, Shaomai, Siomai, Philippines Siomai, Sui Mai, Pork siomai, shrimp siomai, Dim Sum Wonton,Glutinous Rice Shumai machine , Seaweed Siomai machine , etc.

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    FX-800S Automatic Triple Line Siomay Making Machine is used to make Siomay/Shuami, a kind of dumpling snack. Blend flour , gluten and water according to  a certain formula , then stir the blended material to become flocculent grains, and then put blended dough into dough hopper of the machine. The next step is to put prepared fillings  into the fillings hopper. Turn on the machine, it will do the remaining works: stirring fillings, pressing dough to a belt , cutting dough belt to proper pieces, feeding fillings, punching   dough wrapper, punching fillings, wrapping fillings to form Siomay, pushing Siomay onto conveyor belt. The production process keeps running on till the machine is turned off. Three products can be made one  time .It is an automatic Siomay making machine with high capacity .



    Mechanical model:FX-800S

    Product weight:12-35g

    Production speed:8200pcs/h

    Machine dimensions:1300*1400*1900mm

    Mechanical weight:900kg

    Machine power:3000w

    General Electric:220v/380V

    Dough wrapper dimension:50mm×50mm~90mm×90mm


    Application :

    Automatic Three-Line Shumai Maker Machine is capable of producing Japanese Shumai, Steamed Dumpling, Philippines Siomai, Indonesia Siomay, Pork Dumpling, Siew Mai, Dim Sum Wonton, etc. 

    750 750 3    750 750     750 750 8


    1.Three line ,high capacity, 8200pcs/h.

    2.Higher efficiency and more cost-effective than double line machine.

    3.Independent system design, little noise, more stable

    4.Easy to operate ,only need to put in dough and fillings, forming automatically.

    5.Easy to disassemble, clean and maintain.

    6.Food standard stainless steel parts.

    7.Thickness of dough wrapper and weight of fillings are adjustable.

    8.A wide range of fillings: glutinous rice , pork, beef, mutton, corn, etc.


    800 600 1    800 600 2   800 600 3

    After-sale Service

    1. Free assembling and installation, free operation and training.
    2. 12months quality warranty since the date of installation. Whole life service.
    3.During warranty, all maintenance and damaged spare parts for free. After warranty, all charges with cost price.
    4. Support 24hours hot line service, as well as email and video communcation.
    5. Engineering is always for customers’ machine adjustment and maintenance if required.

    Factoty Feature:

    1. over 16 years’ design and industry experience.
    2. Over 90% of our machine are exported.
    3. More than 16 years’ experience in food machine.

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