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Characteristics of small dumpling machine

Characteristics of small dumpling machine

The fully automatic dumpling machine is a new type of food machinery carefully developed and designed by our company. It can replace manual operation and wrap dumplings. It has the advantages of beautiful appearance, tidiness, high production efficiency and stable performance. It is an ideal pasta processing product!

Traditional manual dumplings are inefficient, unstable in size and appearance, and not beautiful. In modern society, dumplings have become one of the favorite delicacies. In the case of short supply, the speed of traditional manual processing and making dumplings can no longer meet the needs of consumers. Large and small manufacturers and restaurants can no longer be limited to making dumplings by hand. The birth of automatic dumpling machine meets the needs of manufacturers and consumers.

Imitating the manual dumpling machine, according to the forming principle of dumplings, the double control two-way synchronous quantitative feeding principle is selected to live the noodles, adjust the stuffing, put it into the machine, and start up to automatically produce dumplings. The speed of dumpling production can be adjusted by numerical control, and the filling amount of stuffing can be adjusted. 3500-18000 dumplings can be produced per hour. The first three folds and the last four folds of dumplings are very beautiful. It is the fastest production speed and the most successful imitation of manual flower pattern. It is a imitation manual dumpling machine. After the dough is made into a dough with a thickness of 0.7-1.2mm through multiple pressing rollers, it is formed by the forming equipment, Automatic filling and automatic wrapping.

The model of small-scale imitation manual dumpling machine is complete. It is suitable for dumpling quick-frozen processing plants, major dumpling halls, canteens and other units. It can pack dumplings with various fillings, leek eggs, fennel meat, pork and scallion. The dough is pressed by multiple rolls, and the dough is smooth and smooth. The appearance and taste of the produced dumplings are loved by people.

Features of dumpling machine:

1. One machine is multi-purpose, and multiple products can be produced as long as the mold is replaced.

2. The body is made of stainless steel, which is clean, easy to clean and easy to maintain.

3. Computer board control and stepless speed regulation of frequency converter.

4. Stuffing, peeling and molding are controlled independently without mutual restraint, and the amount of stuffing can be adjusted separately.

5. The machine is equipped with four independent controllers and ice water cooling circulating compressor, which can cool the dough, so that the dough will not taste bad due to heating.

6. If the existing dumpling machine only needs to be purchased (small cage dumpling clamp seat), it can produce small cage dumplings or pies.

Post time: Sep-19-2021
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