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There are reasons why the sales of wheat roasters are far ahead

There are reasons why the sales of wheat roasters are far ahead

Why is the sales volume of wheat burner far ahead? Because with the development of science and technology and the invention of the wheat burning machine, we can eat wheat faster and faster. The wheat burning machine not only inherits the traditional manual skills and characteristics, but also adds a lot of high-tech content, which makes the wheat burning machine have obvious advantages and quickly opens the market for the sales of the wheat burning machine.

1. It adopts humanized planning, high-precision control panel, more convenient operation and simpler protection. It is made of imported stainless steel, durable, beautiful and clean. Imported double frequency conversion stepless conditioning is selected, the size, weight and proportion of skin and stuffing of various products are adjusted at will, and the quantitative accuracy is accurate, so as to thoroughly deal with the phenomena of thin bottom, missing stuffing and cracking.

2. According to the folk pasta skills and modern science and technology, the density and pores of wheat and steamed bread produced by the wheat burning machine are uniform and delicate, full of elasticity, patience, mouth rationality and gluten. Compared with handicrafts, it is better than others.

3. The latest stuffing structure can increase the pressure, reduce the resistance and quickly send stuffing. All kinds of vegetable stuffing can operate freely, ensure nutrition and prolong the shelf life.

4. Multiple augers are used to deliver noodles, which can dredge the lower part, overcome the harm of other models, and the conveying volume is stable, which solves the problem that wheat roasters need to push noodles manually in the past. It does not hurt gluten, imitates manual kneading flowers and folds. It is cleaner, cleaner, low cost, high efficiency, eradicating bacteria and epidemic diseases than manual production. It is a necessary commodity for pasta work in the era of high wages.

5. It has many functions. Dead noodles, yeast noodles and slag head noodles (old noodles) can be made. It can be used to make meat Shaomai, vegetarian Shaomai, crystal shrimp Shaomai, bean steamed bread (sweet potato, red bean, persimmon, sugar, cooked and mixed as stuffing), five grains, five vegetables, five birds, five animals, five flavors, etc. all stuffed foods and steamed bread can be made into various flavors.

Post time: Oct-09-2021
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